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Anvil's primary goal is to make roads safer for everyone. Anvil specialises in producing a variety of road safety products, providing solutions and methods to guard everyone on the road. We have extensively researched and invested heavily in identifying and developing higher-end products that can make life safer on the roads. We have also researched on products to keep the roads neat and clean and easily navigable.

We have identified products that can help you in safe driving like road markers and guiders which can be used manually or be placed on the roads for guiding. We have also identified protective gears for those working on the roads for construction or rebuilding purposes. We have tested our products to maximum limits to ensure that they are of highest quality and durable. Our products have been tested by drivers of different age, gender and profession. Our products have been used and approved by a number of government and non-government organisations. Our products have the capability of bearing maximum loads and can be easily maintained.

Our products provide clear vision of sharp edges, humps and other hazards on the roads well in advance. Our products save lives and reduce accidents on the road by providing information to drivers about the road ahead directly in their natural field of vision. Our products provide tenfold increase in visibility and better durability in demanding conditions.

We have researched heavily into solar powered products which are environment friendly and cheaper to maintain in the long run. Our products are water resistant and shock resistant. Our products are available in different shapes and sizes for different type of roads and road conditions.

Road Safety Solutions

These road safety solutions allow you to drive safely on the road and to manage the traffic smoothly, ensuring safety of drivers, passengers and the road resources.

  • Model No: AX/SC/01
  • Model No: AX/SC/02
  • Model No: AX/SC/03
  • Model No: AX/SC/04
  • MODEL NO: AX/SC 0001
  • MODEL NO: AX/SC 0002
  • MODEL NO: AX/SC 0003
  • MODEL NO: AX/SC 0004
  • ANVIL Plastic Anchor Chain
  • ANVIL Plastic Heavy Duty Chain
  • ANVIL Plastic Chain (IMP)
  • ANVIL Speed Breaker

Road Marking

Road Marking allows you to keep the traffic organised and ensures road safety.

Road Marking Paints

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Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

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Tharmo Plastic Hot Melt Road Marking Machine

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Bitumen Adhesive Applicator for Reflectlive Road Marker

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Fully Automatic Road Marking Machine

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Traffic Safety

These safety jackets allow you to easily visible on the road.


We provide high quality and excellent array of Reflective Safety Jackets, high visibility safety vests, traffic safety vests etc. These reflective jackets make individual easily visible at all time of day and thus ensure safety.


Reflective Road Safety Jackets are fabricated using advanced scientific and technical fabric and film tapes which enhance person's visibility from maximum and longest distances. They are fluorescent in color and are UV stabilized.

MODEL NO: AX-SA-01, Safety Cross Belts

Reflective Tape Colours- White or Lemon, Heat Reflective.

MODEL NO: AX-SA-02, Reflective Safety Jackets

Colours- Orange, Red or Green, Heat Reflective.

MODEL NO:AX-SA-03, Reflective Gloves

Colour- Orange, Red or Green, Heat Reflective

MODEL NO: AX-SA-04, Industrial Safety Helmets

Industrial Safety Helmets are moulded in HDPE plastic material. Fully adjustable six point harness and sweatband is provided at inner side. It is very comfortable and useful for the people working at construction sites, mines, factories etc. Available in different colors.

Parking Solutions

There are lots of steps which you can take to ensure smooth parking of your vehicles.


  • Cones allow you to easily identify and mark the parking zones

Safety Reflective Stud

  • Very effective eye guide during night hours due to its high reflectivity

Safety Light Bar

  • Suitable for managing parking lots

Rubberized wheel stopper

  • A very effective parking tool

Speed Breaker

  • These breakers are ideal for parking areas

Road Marking

  • We undertake Cold Paint (WBR) road marking applications at Parking lots

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